Mesty Croft Academy

Believe and Achieve


Meet the Team

Our Staff from September 2018


Our Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs L Bray (Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr R Shaw

Assistant Headteacher: Miss R Kelsey 

EYFS Lead: Miss J Smith

SENCo and Year 1 Lead: Mrs S Aggarwal

KS2 Lead and Maths Lead: Miss S Usher

School Business Manager: Mrs J Rana


Chair of Governors: Mrs C Hinson

Vice Chair of Governors: Mr A Houlston


Our Teaching Staff 

Year 6: Miss S Usher and Mrs L Fitzgerald

Year 5: Miss S White and Miss A Jones

Year 4: Mr A Fellows and Miss H Robinson

Year 3: Miss E Dukes and Miss N Markham-Randall

Year 2: Miss J Robinson and Miss R Kelsey
Year 1: Miss K Samra and Miss J Smith
Reception: Mr T Clarke and Mrs S Aggarwal

Nursery Teacher: Miss J Neal

Music Lead: Mr P Stones

UPR Teacher: Mrs C Gallagher


Our Support Staff

Year 6: Mrs D Dhanda and Ms Z Begum

Year 5: Mrs K Binning, Miss K Jackson, Mrs E Whitehurst, and Mrs L Leadbeater

Year 4: Mrs D Chawner and Mrs G Shaw 

Year 3: Mr L Smith and Mrs R Begum

Year 2: Miss C Lloyd, Mrs R Mansell and Mrs H Collins

Year 1: Mrs H Ore and Miss A Owen

Reception: Mrs K Corns, Mrs S Daniels and Mrs C Taylor

Nursery: Mrs R Evans 



Year 4: Mrs T Elks

Year 2: Mrs L Baker

Nursery: Miss G Farley


Inclusion Manager: Mrs C Jackson

Speech, Language and Communication: Mrs L Marriott

Sports Ambassador: Mr B Lester

Acting Family Support Adviser: Mrs D Dhanda


Office Manager: Miss S Bate

Administrator: Vacancy


Our Site Team:

Site Manager: Mr C Chapman

Cleaner in Charge: Mrs H Chapman

Cleaners: Mrs T Loynes and Miss E Tipton


Our Lunchtime Supervisors and Servers:

Ms A Burton, Mrs J Coombes, Mrs A Davies, Miss L Doody, Ms R Doody, Mrs D Hall, Mrs J Murphy, Miss C Shakespeare,

Miss A Simkin, Mrs K Tickle, Miss E Tipton.


Our Breakfast Club Attendants:

Mrs H Chapman, Miss C Shakespeare, Mrs K Tickle, Miss N Perry, Ms R Doody.