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School Menu

Mellors Catering change the school menu three times a year. Parents can pre-order meals 3 weeks in advance via ParentPay.


Please visit to order a meal for your child BEFORE 8.00am


Please remember to book your meal(s) FIRST and click on ‘confirm booking’. If there is not sufficient money on your account the system will then prompt you to pay for the meals. You must then pay at this point. Please note, if you do not pay the balance owed within 2 hours of making the meal bookings they will automatically be removed.


Please contact the School Office if you require any assistance.

Mellors Space Menu - Census Day 16 May 2019

Mellors - what we do.....

Mellors Menu available from Monday 25th February

Mellors Harry Potter Menu - 1st March 2019 (World Book Day)

Mellors Menu January 2019

Mellors Mary Poppins Menu - 17th January 2019