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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Walk with us as we take you on an exciting adventure!

Topics and Trips:

In the first half of the Autumn term, you will be learning about castles as we gallop into our topic ‘I’m the King of the Castle’. We will enjoy a trip to Warwick Castle and a fabulous King and Queen day! Then, as you enter our ‘Fire and Ice’ topic, you will learn all about The Great Fire of London. There is another treat in store for you in Spring, when you get to meet some awesome birds of prey and learn all about real owls and read ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. At Easter, you will be learning about ‘What’s Out There?’ by discovering the world with David Attenborough.  In the Summer term, you will discover ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ as we visit Bodenham Arboretum.  Finally, you will learn all about ‘Twisted Tales’.


Year Two SATs:

In May of next year, you will be tested on your knowledge and understanding of the Year Two curriculum in English and Mathematics. The tests are not all written tests as some of you will do tasks.  We will then report a teacher assessment to your parents and the Local Authority.


Additional Information

  • Look out for the half-termly newsletters keeping you up-to-date with all our news.
  • Enjoy viewing our photos and videos on our class page


We look forward to sharing an exciting year with you all smiley





PE sessions will take place twice a week.


Class 5/Class 6 -  Wednesday PM and Thursday PM

Spring 2 Newsletter

D&T: Making our Recycled Flowers for the Tin Forest

D&T: Making our Recycled Flowers for the Tin Forest  1
D&T: Making our Recycled Flowers for the Tin Forest  2
We walked to the postbox to post our letters to the old man who lives in the tin forest (the book we're reading). We hope he likes our ideas about recycling. 

If the houses weren't close together, would the Fire of London have spread?

Snow Poetry!

We made up actions to help us remember the parts to the poem. We then worked as a class to recite the poem without words. 

P.E - Rolling and Jumping

Class 5 have been working on their gymnastic skills. This week we looked at different jumps. 

A Snowman Crime Scene

Class 5 was a 'crime scene' and we had to investigate what had happened. We found pine cones, sticks, coal, glitter , water and a carrot. We knew Mrs Rana was the last person in school so we thought of some questions for her and then asked her them to try to find out more.