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Computing Curriculum


Every child will learn to understand, create and innovate with digital technology safely, effectively and imaginatively.



Over the last 3 decades, digital technology has revolutionised our lives and allows learners the unique opportunity to explore the world, connect with others and access the entire sum of human knowledge in a way that has never been before possible. If children understand how to use digital technology effectivity, literally the whole world is at their fingertips. However, with new technology comes new challenges and we believe that it is essential for children to understand how to stay safe, report concerns, evaluate content they discover as well as protect their online identity. Being able to use digital technology is a fundamental life skill and a key driver to social mobility- we aim to ensure that our children are fully skilled.

Technology is constantly evolving and we ensure our children are equipped with the coding and Computer Science skills and knowledge to be able to be at the forefront of the next generation of technology designers and innovators. Our curriculum and our teaching has been designed to achieve this. 


Curriculum Organisation and Delivery

At Mesty Croft, Computing is taught weekly in order year groups. It is not topic linked as it is a knowledge and skills based curriculum. However, the context of Computing session outcomes may be linked to learning in other areas of the curriculum in order for children to appreciate how computing can be in aid in all areas of learning. Computing as a subject is taught weekly in a discrete timetabled block for all pupils in Years 1-6. Additionally, pupils often use digital technology to support and deepen their learning across a whole range of subjects. Digital technology usage across the curriculum is tracked via a tech booking system.

Based on analysis of coverage across the school in 2018-19, and pupil feedback discussions, the 2019-20 curriculum has been divided into 4 key areas of learning for KS1 and 6 key areas of learning for KS2, fully mapped to the National Curriculum. Detailed unit overviews have been produced for lower, middle and upper-school ensuring that all curriculum content is covered on multiple occasions and is explored at a level appropriate for learners’ ages and prior experience. All units include opportunities for learners to, “Be the tiger,” exploring open-ended, independent challenges and to, “Go further,” to deepen learning, both individually and as a whole class. The Mesty Croft learning behaviours, which are fundamental to effective teaching and learning, are fully embedded across the curriculum.  Furthermore, digital technology is widely utilized across the curriculum to aid teaching and learning and to give pupils the ability to explore, research, collaborate and present findings.



Equipping our learners with the skills to stay safe online is at the heart of the curriculum. All learners will take part in an 8-week unit of work for focused on e-safety, designed to cover the latest issues in internet safety, using a wide range of resources including CEOP’s thinkuknow programme at an age appropriate level. In 2019, the curriculum was fully re-written to place “Education for a Connected World” at the heart of our approach to e-safety.  These resources have been fully planned for all teachers to ensure consistency of coverage across the school. Autumn 1 Computing teaching is dedicated to E-Safety for all children across the school. Additionally, all learners will take part in a special series of activities to celebrate safer internet day and parents will be invited to specialist E-safety workshops

All of Mesty Croft’s systems are fully GDPR compliant and utilise industry-leading filtering and user monitoring software. All learners and staff log on to the school systems will individual, secure credentials. For more information, see Mesty Croft systems safety flowchart.