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English unites the all-important life skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  We recognise that good English is fundamental to raising standards across all school subjects and key stages of learning.  Poor English means poor performance.  Pupils should be taught to read, write and communicate with confidence, fluency and understanding.  These key skills should be transferred from one subject to another. This policy ensures that English skills are taught in accordance with the objectives and attainment targets as set out in the National Curriculum English document and Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters document.  At Mesty Croft, we have high expectations and we aim to provide enjoyment whilst ensuring achievement in this core subject.  We ensure that our children are immersed in an environment rich in print and possibilities for communication.  


Reading at Mesty Croft Academy   

Here at Mesty Croft we LOVE to read! Like Dr. Seuss, we believe: “The more you READ, the more THINGS you know. The more that you LEARN, the more PLACES you’ll go.”   


From Nursery through to Year 6, our children are challenged to read a broad range of texts (this includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry).  We encourage a ‘love of reading’ ethos, through reading events such as: Book Fair Takeover and World Book Day. All adults in school promote reading throughout the year and we ensure that a range of texts are available for our children. All children now have access a brand new school library, where a range of exciting books can be read. Every day ALL children are read to by an adult through our Reading Spine sessions. These books are specially selected to widen our children’s reading palate and broaden their vocabulary knowledge.   


Phonics is taught through the Read, Write Inc program. This program teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step. All children are grouped in accordance to their individual needs and are in phase appropriate groups. 

For those children who are still struggling with their reading and phonics, afternoon interventions are in place to allow them to ‘catch up’ quickly or practice what they have been taught previously.   


During integrated reading sessions, children work with their teachers to look at different texts: analysing their features, making predictions, comparing and contrasting stories and exploring authors’ styles. For the more able readers, we have a range of texts available in our library which includes a ‘Classic Fiction’ shelf so that children are never held back. For our children who find reading more difficult, we support and nurture their skills through specialised reading schemes delivered by skilled staff.   


At home, we encourage our children to move through their year group’s allocated book bands, taking advantage of the new books we have to offer. We know the importance of reading and ask parents to promote the love of reading at home as well as in school. We believe this is the key for our children’s future.   


Remember, “The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.”  


Writing at Mesty Croft  

“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing” Ken Macleod.   


At Mesty Croft we want to inspire our children to become fluent and imaginative writers. To achieve this, we start the foundations of writing with our Nursery children. As the children progress through the school, they continue to build on these foundations through a range of exciting and interactive lessons.   


We encourage fantastic writing through all subjects and have high expectations of what our children can achieve. From exploring an author’s style to modelling good practice, creating shared texts and developing independent writing, we believe we give the children the tools they need to become confident and inspired writers.    


Our curriculum allows our children to develop their key skills in daily English sessions where they focus on a range of sessions, punctuation and spelling (GPS), regular handwriting practice and reading skills.    

By the time our children leave Mesty Croft, we aim for them to be able to write texts of all genres using a wide range of punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structures. We also encourage our children to write well-structured, cohesive texts that engage and involve the reader. As our children progress further, we like to nurture and support them in their writing by emboldening them to develop their own individual ‘voice’ and style.    


We want our children to aspire to be the next generation of novelists, playwrights and journalists!   


Writing Genre Coverage

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