Mesty Croft Academy

Believe and Achieve



Welcome to Reception!


You are now a full time member of Mesty Croft Academy, and are about to embark on an amazing learning journey.

We recognise that every child is unique! Learning happens when you are engaged and motivated in your play; it also happens when you are happy and secure in your learning environment. Here at Mesty Croft Academy, we are very proud of our enabling environment where you will begin your lifelong love of learning.


Your year in Reception will be bursting with fantastic learning opportunities, ensuring that your time in Reception will be one that you will never forget. Each day will include Phonics, Literacy and Maths sessions, as well as opportunities for child-initiated learning using a range of vibrant learning spaces, both indoors and outside.


We foster and promote positive learning behaviours; believe and achieve!




Reception Noticeboard

Capturing the Learning

Magic Moments: Click on your child's class,then complete the form to send in a 'Magic Moment'.

Articulation of Phonemes (Sounds)

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

The Big Numbers Song

Children listen to this song each morning.