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Year 1

Year 1


Welcome to the Year One page, our team is Miss Armstrong, Miss Samra, Miss Owen, Mrs Ore and Mrs Taylor. We are all excited for our first half term. If your child is in Year One, please familiarize yourself with this page so you can stay up to date with all the amazing learning taking place in classes three and four. 





Children are expected to bring their reading book and diary into school on a daily basis! Children will read with an adult at least once a week. Please record in the diary when you have read with your child at home




Class 3 - Friday AM (Indoor)

Class 4 - Thursday PM  (Indoor)


Your child will need to have a PE kit in school on those days. As the weather is still cold, your child will need to have a warmer, outdoor kit. This includes trainers suitable for outdoor PE. Earrings must be removed. 



Spelling: A new word list will become active on Spellodrome every Tuesday. 




This half term sees the launch of our new phonics scheme, RWI. Which stands for read write inc. If you didn't get a chance to attend the parents RWI meeting, please ask a staff member for information which will have links to the RWI website, so that you can familiarize yourself with the scheme.

RWI reading books matched to your child's reading ability will be issued soon.


Autumn One



We have read the story The Gruffalo. We have created a story map and thought of actions to help us role play the story. 




Our skill this half term revolves around painting – the main focus being on holding the brush comfortably to make bold marks. The children explored colours and brushes to recreate Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows. 



Our topic in History for Autumn One is My Family. The children have discussed how their life has changed over time and displayed this through a timeline. 

Design and Technology


This half term in DT we are designing and creating a money box. So far we have developed individual designs and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of them. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


9.10.19 – As you can see we have created our money boxes. We used recycled cardboard boxes for the shell of the box, carefully using scissors we then cut a hole for money to drop through. To design the outside of our money box we used tissue paper and plain paper to add individual style.


Thank you to the parents and children who provided cardboard boxes.





Autumn Two


Geography - Seasons



What are seasons?  

We have created a seasons wheel. We thought of an event that happens in each season - a celebration, a holiday or an important occasion like a birthday.  






Maths: recognise and name common 2D shapes


We have been learning all about shapes, and how they appear in everyday life. We drew pictures of objects in our classroom and labelled the shape name. 



WB: 14.11.19



In class this week we have planted some beans. We are going to write a Bean Plant Diary. 

Every week, we are going to look carefully at the beans and write down how they are growing. ​

At the end of the term, we can see how big they have grown. ​


18.11.2019  D&T

This week in Design and Technology we have been learning how to use different tools we would use when preparing food. We learnt how to wash fruits, chop fruits, peel and grate. It was so much fun! We followed all the safety and hygiene rules. 


Picture 1