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Year 2

Welcome to our Year Two page!


In Year Two this year, the team is Miss Robinson, Miss Lyne, Mrs Mansell, Mrs Binning an Miss Taylor.

If your child is in this year group, please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in.


This year we will be teaching a wide range of subjects discretely: English, Maths, Science, Art, Computing, History and Geography. We aim to update our page every week; giving you a snapshot of our learning.

This term, Class 5 will have P.E on Monday afternoon and Class 6 will have P.E on Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your children  bring their P.E uniforms on this day and that earrings are removed. 


Diaries will signed each Monday and any notes will be read and replied to as needed. Please make a note of your child's reading in their diary and feel free to share notes of any other home learning that they have been doing. 


Year Two SATs:

In May, your children will be tested on their knowledge and understanding of the Key Stage One curriculum in English and Mathematics. We will report a teacher assessment to yourselves and the Local Authority when these have been completed.


Reading Books: Children choose Reading for Pleasure books from the library themselves - these books may be too difficult to read independently but are great as a shared read with you at home.

Read, Write, Inc: Your children will soon come home with a phonics book that has been chosen due to their assessments. Please allow your child to read with you at home, daily, to help their fluency and expression. 


Readiwriter: New spellings are set every Monday.


Mathletics: New maths homework will be set every Monday.


For children who are self-isolating and have only mild symptoms that do not prevent them from completing work, please see attached some activities that may be completed at home.
Home Learning Packs for children:

Autumn One: Week Eight:

We had the most wonderful time this week with our scarecrow making. We worked together in our classes to make fantastic scarecrows in the theme 'Key Workers' for The Big Sandwell Scarecrow Festival. Head over to Facebook and get voting for Mesty Croft Academy! 


Many thanks for the donations of resources for our scarecrows. 

Autumn One: Week Seven:

This week, in Computing, we have been continuing our work on E-Safety. We know how important it is to tell an adult if we see something that makes us feel funny in our tummy and makes us feel uncomfortable. We used the programme Jit5 to create a safety circle which showed who we could talk to if we needed help and if something online ever makes us feel uncomfortable.

Autumn One: Week Six:

This week, in RE, we have been continuing our work on kindness. We looked at the work that organisations such as Christian Aid and the Samaritans do and how this links with the Christian teaching of 'love thy neighbour' and 'love thy stranger'. We have debated whether it is possible for us to be kind to everyone all of the time and decided that we were going to try to show kindness, just like Jesus did in the Bible stories we have read.  We decided, from an idea put forward by one of our lovely parents, to show kindness to strangers through sending pictures to a care home to brighten it up and cheer up the residents. We are fabulous at being kind in Year 2!

Autumn One: Week Five:

This week, we have been pattern seeking in our Science lessons. We carried out an investigation to find out whether bigger hands were able to grab more cubes. We predicted that children with a bigger hand length would be able to pick up the most cubes. Our prediction was correct for most of the children but there was one child who picked up les even though they had a bigger hand.


Autumn One: Week Four:

This week, we have been working extremely hard in Maths. We have been focusing on place value and have been able to order and compare numbers.

Fred, the phonics frog, has also been very impressed with our narrative work this week as we have been using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and we have been using our Fred Fingers to help with our spelling.    

Autumn One: Week Three:

This week, we have been introduced to all of our new topics for this half term. We are excited about our upcoming work in Art as we will be looking at Kandinsy's 'Squares with Concentric Circles' and how to use paint to create a beautiful piece of art in this style. We have also been introduced to our wonderful Music topic, Western Classical Music, and have listened to 'Hoe-down' by Aaron Copland. We will go on to create a performance in this style. 

Autumn One: Week Two:

We have been very excited in Year Two about our 'One School, One Book' topic. This week we have read 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward and explored a range of activities around this story.  We have made beautiful origami birds, collected and painted leaves, made wildlife habitats, planted seeds and created beautiful chalk pictures. 

Welcome back to Summer Two!


We are now into our final half term in Year Two and hasn't it been the strangest end to our year? We hope that you had a lovely half term break and managed to get outside as much as possible in the beautiful weather we had over the last week. 

Home learning will continue as before, with all work to be sent to the following email addresses:


Class 5 =
Class 6 =


Mathletics and Spellodrome will continue to be set daily and an exciting daily task around one of our subjects will continue. Teachers will email feedback to you within 24 hours, however, Class 6 may notice that Mrs Baker helps out with your feedback, as Miss Usher will be busy teaching in Year One this half term. She will still be looking at all of your fabulous work and will email you throughout the week to tell you which pieces have been her favourite!


Remember to BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE. We hope to see you all very soon. 




Home Learning Friday 18th September 2020

Home Learning Friday 11th September

Home Learning Friday 4th September

Amazing work 16.07.20

Week 7: Day 4

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Week 7: Day 3:

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Week 7: Day 2

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Week 7: Day 1

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Week 6: Day 5

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Week 5: Day 5

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Week 3: Day 5

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Week 2: Day 5

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Week 2: Day 2

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Week One: Day Five

Fantastic work from 04.06.20

Week one: Day Three

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Week One: Day Two

Week One: Day One:

Kindness Cup: Celebrating Acts of Kindness

Spectacular work from 22.05.20

Week five: Day Five

Amazing work from 21.05.20

Week five: Day four

Super work from 20.05.20

Week Five: Day Three

Brilliant work from 19.05.20

Week Five: Day Two:

Model and example for English:

Week Five: Day One:

Maths Slide:

Beautiful Work from 15.05.20

Week 4: Day 5:

Excellent Examples from 14.05.20

Week 4: Day 4:

Week 4: Day 3:

Enlarged Maths Image:

Wonderful Work from 12.05.20

Week 4: Day 2

Week 4: Day 1

Victorious VE Day:

VE Day Activities

Beautiful work from 7.05.20

Week 3: Day 4

Week 3: Day 3

Week 3: Day 2:

Link for online piano:
Link for YouTube tutorial:

Week 3: Day 1:

Week 2: Day 5

Computing: If the weather continues to be wet and miserable, why don't you research what the weather has been like in Wednesbury over the last 14 days, and create a pictogram that shows this using Jit5 instead?

Wonderful Work from 30.04.20

Week 2: Day 4


Week 2: Day 3

Excellent work from 28.04.20

Week 2: Day 2:

Week 2: Day 1:

Week 1 : Day 5

Week 1: Day 4

Week 1: Day 3:

Maths image - Click to enlarge:

Wonderful Work from 21.04.20

Week One: Day Two:

Summer Term: Week One - Day One:

Summer Term: Mathematics: Additional videos to support your learning at home on halving and quartering this week can be found in the link below: 

Suggested for this week: Week One: Fractions:

Lesson One: Video: Make equal parts
Lesson Two: Video: Recognise a half
Lesson Three: Video: Find a half
Lesson Four: Video: Recognise a quarter
Lesson Five: Video: Find a quarter


Picture Talk: Art: Click to enlarge:

Home Learning from Monday 20th April:

Every day, this section of our year group page will be updated with daily work before 8.50am, for your child to complete at home. Please make sure that you have your child's Spellodrome and Mathletics log in, which can be found in their school diary. We also have access to Oxford Owl, which we will be using to set the children a book to read online. There will also be additional reading/writing opportunities related to this.


You can access Spellodrome here:
You can access Mathletics here: 

You can access Oxford Owl here: 

Oxford Owl - My Class Log In:
My class name: mesty5
My class password: home


Any work that children complete can be emailed to their class teachers using the following email addresses: 


Miss Robinson:
Miss Usher:


Work that you wish your class teacher to see, may be completed electronically, or simply a photograph. We will provide individual feedback to you and can also answer any questions/queries that you may have. Schools remain open for vulnerable children and those of parents who are key workers. Therefore we ask that you give us up to 24 hours to respond to your work/questions, as we may not immediately be available to you.

This is an unusual time for us all, but we encourage children to continue their learning at home with the support of both yourselves and accessing their class teacher's support remotely.

Thank you - Miss Usher and Miss Robinson

Happy Easter Year Two!


Well done for all of your hard work over the last two weeks. It has been a challenge for us all, but we have thoroughly

enjoyed emailing you daily and seeing the amazing work that you have produced each day. Have a well-deserved break

and if we are not back at school after Easter, we will be back with more home-learning tasks on Monday 20th April.

Check out our Easter challenges below, if you fancy doing some of the activities during your holiday. smiley

Stay safe and healthy.

Miss Usher and Miss Robinson 

Year Two - Easter Challenge:

Excellent work from 03.04.20

Week 2: Day 5

Model Examples: Habitat Work: (Click images to enlarge)

Super work from 02.04.20

Week 2: Day 4

Week 2: Day 4: Just Dance Link:

Week 2: Day 3

Week 2: Day 2

Model Letter:

Week 2: Day 1


You have made it through your first week of home learning in Year Two! What can we say? We are so incredibly proud of each and every one of you. Thank you so much for continuing your learning at home and showing us just how amazing you are by the work that you have been producing - You have all gone above and beyond what we imagined.

Enjoy the weekend and make sure you (and your Mums, Dads and Carers!) get a well-deserved break.

Link for Friday's Daily Task:

See you on Monday for some more home-learning fun!

Miss Usher and Miss Robinson 


Amazing work from 27.03.20