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Year 2

Welcome back to Summer Two!


We are now into our final half term in Year Two and hasn't it been the strangest end to our year? We hope that you had a lovely half term break and managed to get outside as much as possible in the beautiful weather we had over the last week. 

Home learning will continue as before, with all work to be sent to the following email addresses:


Class 5 =
Class 6 =


Mathletics and Spellodrome will continue to be set daily and an exciting daily task around one of our subjects will continue. Teachers will email feedback to you within 24 hours, however, Class 6 may notice that Mrs Baker helps out with your feedback, as Miss Usher will be busy teaching in Year One this half term. She will still be looking at all of your fabulous work and will email you throughout the week to tell you which pieces have been her favourite!


Remember to BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE. We hope to see you all very soon. 




Week 7: Day 2

Week 7: Day 1

Amazing examples from 10.07.20

Week 6: Day 5

Fantastic work from 09.07.20

Week 6: Day 4

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Week 6: Day 3

Week 6: Day 2

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Week 5: Day 5

Week 5: Day 4

Week 5: Day 3

Week 5: Day 2

Week 5: Day 1

Great work from 26.06.20

Week 4: Day 5

Week 4: Day 4

Week 4: Day 3

Fantastic work from 23.06.20

Week 4: Day 2

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Week 3: Day 5

Week 3: Day 4

Week 3: Day 3

Amazing work from 16.06.20

Week 3: Day 2

Week 3: Day 1

Week 2: Day 5

Week 2: Day 4

Week 2: Day 3

Super work from 09.06.20

Week 2: Day 2

Week 2: Day 1

Week One: Day Five

Fantastic work from 04.06.20

Week one: Day Three

Fantastic work from 02.06.20

Week One: Day Two

Week One: Day One:

Kindness Cup: Celebrating Acts of Kindness

Spectacular work from 22.05.20

Week five: Day Five

Amazing work from 21.05.20

Week five: Day four

Super work from 20.05.20

Week Five: Day Three

Brilliant work from 19.05.20

Week Five: Day Two:

Model and example for English:

Week Five: Day One:

Maths Slide:

Beautiful Work from 15.05.20

Week 4: Day 5:

Excellent Examples from 14.05.20

Week 4: Day 4:

Week 4: Day 3:

Enlarged Maths Image:

Wonderful Work from 12.05.20

Week 4: Day 2

Week 4: Day 1

Victorious VE Day:

VE Day Activities

Beautiful work from 7.05.20

Week 3: Day 4

Week 3: Day 3

Week 3: Day 2:

Link for online piano:
Link for YouTube tutorial:

Week 3: Day 1:

Week 2: Day 5

Computing: If the weather continues to be wet and miserable, why don't you research what the weather has been like in Wednesbury over the last 14 days, and create a pictogram that shows this using Jit5 instead?

Wonderful Work from 30.04.20

Week 2: Day 4


Week 2: Day 3

Excellent work from 28.04.20

Week 2: Day 2:

Week 2: Day 1:

Week 1 : Day 5

Week 1: Day 4

Week 1: Day 3:

Maths image - Click to enlarge:

Wonderful Work from 21.04.20

Week One: Day Two:

Summer Term: Week One - Day One:

Summer Term: Mathematics: Additional videos to support your learning at home on halving and quartering this week can be found in the link below: 

Suggested for this week: Week One: Fractions:

Lesson One: Video: Make equal parts
Lesson Two: Video: Recognise a half
Lesson Three: Video: Find a half
Lesson Four: Video: Recognise a quarter
Lesson Five: Video: Find a quarter


Picture Talk: Art: Click to enlarge:

Home Learning from Monday 20th April:

Every day, this section of our year group page will be updated with daily work before 8.50am, for your child to complete at home. Please make sure that you have your child's Spellodrome and Mathletics log in, which can be found in their school diary. We also have access to Oxford Owl, which we will be using to set the children a book to read online. There will also be additional reading/writing opportunities related to this.


You can access Spellodrome here:
You can access Mathletics here: 

You can access Oxford Owl here: 

Oxford Owl - My Class Log In:
My class name: mesty5
My class password: home


Any work that children complete can be emailed to their class teachers using the following email addresses: 


Miss Robinson:
Miss Usher:


Work that you wish your class teacher to see, may be completed electronically, or simply a photograph. We will provide individual feedback to you and can also answer any questions/queries that you may have. Schools remain open for vulnerable children and those of parents who are key workers. Therefore we ask that you give us up to 24 hours to respond to your work/questions, as we may not immediately be available to you.

This is an unusual time for us all, but we encourage children to continue their learning at home with the support of both yourselves and accessing their class teacher's support remotely.

Thank you - Miss Usher and Miss Robinson

Happy Easter Year Two!


Well done for all of your hard work over the last two weeks. It has been a challenge for us all, but we have thoroughly

enjoyed emailing you daily and seeing the amazing work that you have produced each day. Have a well-deserved break

and if we are not back at school after Easter, we will be back with more home-learning tasks on Monday 20th April.

Check out our Easter challenges below, if you fancy doing some of the activities during your holiday. smiley

Stay safe and healthy.

Miss Usher and Miss Robinson 

Year Two - Easter Challenge:

Excellent work from 03.04.20

Week 2: Day 5

Model Examples: Habitat Work: (Click images to enlarge)

Super work from 02.04.20

Week 2: Day 4

Week 2: Day 4: Just Dance Link:

Week 2: Day 3

Week 2: Day 2

Model Letter:

Week 2: Day 1

Lyrics for Music


You have made it through your first week of home learning in Year Two! What can we say? We are so incredibly proud of each and every one of you. Thank you so much for continuing your learning at home and showing us just how amazing you are by the work that you have been producing - You have all gone above and beyond what we imagined.

Enjoy the weekend and make sure you (and your Mums, Dads and Carers!) get a well-deserved break.

Link for Friday's Daily Task:

See you on Monday for some more home-learning fun!

Miss Usher and Miss Robinson 


Week 1: Day 5

Week 1: Day 4

Week 1: Day 3

Day 3 Computing activity:



Fantastic work from 24.03.20

Week 1: Day 2

Week 1: Day 1

Welcome to our Year Two page!


In Year Two this year, the team is Miss Usher, Miss Robinson, Miss Lloyd and Mrs Binning.

If your child is in this year group, please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in.


This year we will be teaching a wide range of subjects discretely: English, Maths, Science, Art, Computing, History and Geography. We aim to update our page every week; giving you a snapshot of our learning.

This term, Class 5 and Class 6 will have P.E on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure your children  bring their P.E uniforms on this day and that earrings are removed. 


Year Two SATs:

In May, your children will be tested on their knowledge and understanding of the Key Stage One curriculum in English and Mathematics. We will report a teacher assessment to yourselves and the Local Authority when these have been completed.


Reading Books: Children choose Reading for Pleasure books from the library themselves - these books may be too difficult to read independently but are great as a shared read with you at home.

Read, Write, Inc and Literacy and Language: Your children will come home with either a phonics book that has been chosen due to their assessments and children within the Literacy and Language group will be either on Purple or Gold books at this stage. Please allow your child to read with you at home, daily, to help their fluency and expression. 


Spellodrome: New spellings are set every Monday.


Mathletics: New maths homework will be set every Monday.


Home Learning Packs for children:
For children who are self-isolating and have only mild symptoms that do not prevent them from completing work, please see attached some activities that may be completed at home.

World Book Day 2020 - 05.03.20

We have had a lot of fun during our annual book day event in school! We started the morning with our RWI and Literacy and Language groups, followed by a book tasting session in class. This meant that we could read other's favourite books and then give them a five star rating. In the afternoon, we discovered that the Tin Forest had grown in the Sherlock room! We read the rest of our English book 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward in our new setting and was introduced to a very beautiful, vivid bird of paradise - a character within the story. It was great fun and the children were so excited. Thank you to parents who let their children bring in their favourite books from home.

Spring Two: Week Two:

This week in P.E, we have been focusing on our basketball skills. We explored the skills of passing and catching, as well as bouncing the ball as we are moving. It is hard work, but we will be basketball players by the end of the half term, we're sure of it!


Spring Two: Week One:

Welcome back to a brand new half term! We have started many new exciting topics, including Computing. We will be exploring 'coding' over the next six weeks and got stuck in with animating our own slides using backgrounds and sprites. We could choose whether we used simple programming or advanced and had great fun using coding to make our sprites move to various places. 

Happy Half Term!

Another half term down and we are now half way through Year Two - Can you believe it? Thank you to all parents and children who attended the parent/teacher consultation. You have all made so much progress since September. Make sure you have a good break and we shall see you back in school on Monday 24th February

Spring One: Week Six:

It is the final week of the half term and we have been ending all of our fantastic topics this week. We have been learning about France in Geography, including the continents and making comparisons with England. As you can see, we really enjoyed creating practical Venn diagrams! This led to a lovely discussion about French cuisine, where we discovered that not many of us had tried croissants. The staff in Year Two worked as a team, to invite children in for a French continental breakfast morning and we LOVED it! Complete with croissants, baguettes and some lovely hot chocolate, it was definitely a wonderful way to end our half term. 

Spring One: Week Five:

It has been a very exciting week in Year Two! We had the animal man in on Monday to tell us all about nocturnal animals, in preparation for our journaling session in Science next week. He bought an array of animals in for us to look at and touch. This included two owls, a hedgehog, a snake and even a scorpion! We had great fun learning about these animals and look forward to inviting Dave back to Mesty Croft in the future. 

Spring One: Week Four:

In Music, we have been studying Elvis Presley and how he has influenced music as we know it today. We spent a lesson looking at his life and how his life choices enabled him to become the king of rock and roll. 

Spring One: Week Three:

In English, we have read 'The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark' - This week we talked about our favourite stories and how they were structured. This will help us write our own chapters for the book next week. Watch out for the authors in Year Two!

Spring One: Week Two:

In PSHE, we have been looking at our dreams and goals. We discussed in our classes what we would like to be when we grow up and looked at how friends can help us to follow our dreams, so that we are successful. We read this beautiful poem in class. Can you see how friends can help us to learn and achieve our goals?

Spring One: Week One:

This half term, we will be learning about money and making links to our addition and subtraction skills from the previous term. This week, we explored the different coins that make up amounts. One of our children bought an old
pound coin in for us to see, and Mrs Binning bought in a real £50 note! 


We hope that Santa comes on the 25th December and that you have plenty of fun with your friends and family over the Christmas period! Thank you to those children and parents who came to Mesty Craft and for the lovely gifts and cards that you bought staff. See you on Monday 6th January!

Autumn Two: Week Seven:

In Design and Technology, we have been exploring The Polar Express. We have looked at how trains are made and used our knowledge of axles and wheels to create moving vehicles - Mini Polar Express trains to take our elves back to the North Pole! We worked like the bee, with our partner, to finish our final products. What do you think of our team work?

Autumn Two: Week Six:

In Science, we have been looking at plants and what they need to grow. NASA sent us a letter, asking Year Two for our advice on growing plants on Mars! Leighton, in Class 6, even made a rocket at home to send up the seeds!
We grew seeds in a clear bag so that we could capture the germination process and work out the essential needs of plants. We now know that plants need nutrients, sun, oxygen and water.

Autumn Two: Week Five:

We have been very excited in Year Two about our Art session this week as we needed to bring in our old clothes from home. IT WAS GOING TO BE A MESSY LESSON. We created a big Jackson Pollock inspired Art piece as a year group. Each child got to explore with paint on a canvas sheet, using the techniques and skills that we had discussed in 'Action Jackson'. Look out for our magnificent master piece, as it is in the corridor on display!

Autumn Two: Week Four:

This half term, we have been exploring Chinese Music. We explored what is meant by pentatonic scales and then used our knowledge to play different scales on glockenspiels. We had so much fun listening to the different sounds that the glockenspiels made, as well as creating our own Chinese rhythms. Year Two were definitely peacocks this week - full of confidence! J



Autumn Two: Week Three:

This week in History, we became plotters, as we looked in depth at the Gunpowder Plot and the role that Guy Fawkes played. We crept around school to find a safe place to talk and got caught by Mrs Bray! We had to act natural and pretend that we were Protestants, when in actual fact, we were proud Catholics - ready to blow up the Houses of Parliament. 

Autumn Two: Week Two:

WOW! We have worked SO hard this week!
Our highlights include exploring wheels and axles using the Lego construction kits, as well as reading 'The Polar Express' to begin understanding the user and purpose for a range of vehicles. Take a look at some of our initial creations!

Stay tuned for updates on our magical Christmas-themed Design and Technology project!

Autumn Two: Week One:

Welcome back Year Two! We hope you had a fabulous rest over the holiday. 


We have been extremely busy during our first week back as we start the beginning of lots of new topics in all of our different subjects. We were particularly excited when we were introduced to our new Computing topic which involves the laptops this half term. Each week, we will be building up our knowledge of word processing and desktop skills. Logging in with our own usernames and passwords was our biggest challenge this week, but we persevered like the tortoise!

Happy Half Term Year Two!


You have made it through your first half term and we couldn't be more proud of all of the hard work you have put in. Have a wonderful break, get some rest and we'll see you back on Monday 4th November for a new, exciting half term.

Check out our spooky Halloween video in the Gallery section of our website - Can you spot some familiar faces?

Autumn One: Week Eight:
We have been incredibly busy during our final week of the half term - In Art, we have been studying the skills of painting, using Kandinsky's 'Concentric Circles' as our inspiration. We have explored primary, secondary and tertiary colours to create a final design, before mixing paint to create these stunning paintings for our Art portfolios.

Autumn One: Week Seven:

This week in Mathematics, we have been exploring adding tens to a two-digit number. We have had lots of fun exploring this concept practically using place value counters, dienes and the hundred square. Take a look at some of our fabulous journaling from this week, showing our understanding! We are real Maths Masters in Year Two!


Autumn One: Week Six:

This week we have been extremely busy writing diary entries based around our book, ‘The Dinosaur’s Diary’ by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. We had already heard of her in Year One when studying ‘The Gruffalo.’ 

Here is a sneaky peak at some of our amazing writing - Evie from Class 6 blew our socks off with this stunning first piece! Well done! 

Autumn One: Week Five:
In our Music lessons this half term, we have been looking at Western Classical Music. We have been studying Aaron Copland and his piece 'Hoedown.' Copland's composition involves a lot of call and response, and this week we have been

creating our own rhythm grids. Once created, we performed them to the class; we went first and then our peers copied our claps. We have also enjoyed our warm up; "Oh My! No more pie!" Why don't you have a go together at home?

Autumn One: Week Four:

Over the last few weeks in Science, we have been looking at what makes us healthy. Today, we created our own balanced plates looking at the different food groups. We have had Science homework this week which was to keep a food diary so that we can see how many portions of fruit, vegetables, proteins, dairy and sugary foods we have! 

Autumn One: Week Three:

In our design and technology lessons, we are working towards building a brand new vehicle for a new live action Disney version of the film Cars! We are very excited about this task and have been working like the unicorn to show our creativity. Take a sneak peek at some of our initial designs! 

Autumn One: Week Two:

This week, we read the book 'The Word Collector' by Peter .H. Reynolds, to launch our new focus on vocabulary in Year Two. We gave this book 10/10 because the pictures were beautiful and we were inspired by the main character, Jerome, as he collected some weird and wonderful new words, before sharing them with his friends.

Keep your eyes peeled for all of the new words that Class 5 and Class 6 gather as we become word collectors this year!

Autumn One: Week One:
This week, we have been familiarising ourselves with the numbers 1-100. We created our own 'Numicon City', so that we could count the windows and practise counting all the way up to 100. We had great fun!