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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to the Year 4 page, where you can find out about all of the crazy learning adventure which take place in classes 9 and 10!

The teachers and support staff in Year 4 are here to help you, on your learning journey, through our six fantastic topics: An Indian Adventure' (Autumn 1), 'What is Beyond the Great Wall?' (Autumn 2), 'Narnia' (Spring 1), 'Vikings: Heartless Raiders?' (Spring 2), 'The Blitz' (Summer 1) and 'What's in a story' (Summer 2).

Important dates

Year 4 sports day- Thursday 28th June at 9:15. Children are to wear their house colours to school.

Year 4 trip to Coventry transport museum - Tuesday 3rd July.

Over the course of the year, you'll enjoy a range of practical, enjoyable and engaging activities as well as learning to become reputable writers, refreshing readers and marvellous mathematicians. All we ask is that you: come to school everyday, always have a positive, open and supportive attitude, give all work 100% effort despite how challenging it is and be kind- always.

In return, you will be getting: an enjoyable learning experience, an environment that you can thrive in and a team of adults who want you to succeed! Remember TEAM- 'Together Everyone Achieves More' and if we BELIEVE then we can ACHIEVE!


Information you need to know

  • P.E- Class 9: Thursday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor.)
  • P.E - Class 10: Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor.)
  • Maths homework is due to be handed in on a Monday morning.
  • GPS homework is due to be handed in on Friday morning.

(If you are struggling with any of your homework, remember to see your teachers for help!)



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask an adult in Year 4. We are always here for you! smiley

STEM Day at Wood Green

We all had a fantastic day at the museum. We hand a 'hands on' Blitz experience and then looked at the life of an evacuee. Some of us got to dress up - including Miss Kelsey (she was happy to wear a hat). Following this, we got to have a quick look around the fabulous exhibitions and finally visit the gift shop! 

STEM - understanding pitch

We used percussion, wind and string instruments and investigated how you can make a high pitch sound and a low pitch sound. 
James from Scoot Fit came and showed us how to use a scooter correctly - we had lots of fun! 

STEM - Good Vibrations

STEM - Good Vibrations 1
STEM - Good Vibrations 2
STEM - Good Vibrations 3
STEM - we investigated what happens to rice when you bang a drum. We were looking to see the vibrations. We found the bigger the vibrations the louder the sound. 

A 'Magical' Capacity Lesson

Today we used our capacity skills to measure out different ingredients to make a magical potion.

Building our Morrison Shelters - a time lapse video

Still image for this video

WW2 Evacuation Day

Today we got to pretend we were evacuees sent from London to the countryside during WW2. Firstly, we were 'evacuated’ to different classrooms and had to take part in the lessons (regardless of whether it was Nursery or Year 6). Following this, we wrote a diary about our experiences. Next we sang WW2 songs to’ keep up our spirits’.  Finally, we had a challenge of building a bomb shelter to hold 6 people – it was so much fun!

A Royal Wedding Day

We took part in a Royal Wedding Day today. We watched the ‘marriage’ of Harry and Meghan and then had street party, played traditional games and designed a wedding cake. We even took photos to create our own captions on Monday.

WW2 Role Play

Still image for this video
Following our research into Dunkirk, we worked as a year group to interview each other as if we were either a soldier or a fisherman. We will use the notes gathered to help us include reported and direct speech when we create our newspaper article.
We used our measuring skills to weigh out the ingredients needed for our WW2 carrot cookies. We then worked as a team to follow the recipe to create our cookies. All went well until Miss Kelsey burnt the first batch by using the grill instead of the oven - whoops! 

Evacuee costume ideas

Interestingly, owls swallow their prey whole as they are unable to chew. Even more interestingly, they are unable to digest the bones and fur of their prey so they must regurgitate (vomit up) the remains. Even more interestingly than that, it is possible to collect and sterilise these pieces of vomit (called owl pellets) and then dissect them to identify the creatures the owl has eaten! Judging by their responses, the children certainly found today's experiment interesting (if a little gross!) Although getting our gloves on was a challenge in itself!


Maths - weighing amounts and reading scales

The children could not wait to estimate and measure the weight of objects around the classroom in today's practical maths session!

Geography - map work using Google Earth

We used Google Earth to find the Allied and Axis countries from WW2 and label them on our maps. 

What would we see, hear and feel during an air raid?

Learning the rules of Tennis

Class 10 having been learning the rules of tennis with Mr Lester. We LOVEd it! Special thanks to Dylan for the ace photography.

PSHE - Experiencing Loss

In Jigsaw, we have been looking at relationships. Today we focused on loss. We discussed our feelings at the loss of special items, losing a spot on a team, losing a pet and losing a loved one. 

Maths -Translating Shapes

The topic of translating shapes on a grid was translated into a special outdoor lesson for Class 10, where we used the grids on the playground and chalk to scale up our learning! Remember, along the corridor and up the stairs (or, we crawl before we can climb!)

Easter Show and Tell

Over the holiday, Year 4 completed some amazing challenges. Here are just a few of the things that we have created!

Year 4 D&T project - A Viking Village!

On Tuesday 27th March, Class 10 embarked on a Viking adventure day at Compton Verney. The children plundered and pillaged in the forests, learnt how to light a fire like a Viking, built Viking shelters and traditional wattle and daub walls (with horse poo) and even made Viking flatbread! They also managed to capture and enslave many Anglo-Saxons (teachers!) A muddy, yet brilliant, day was had by all (expect maybe the slaves!)

As part of our STEM curriculum, we explored what happens to food as it travels into, through (and out of) the human body. With an accurate (although slightly gross) concoction of banana, cream crackers and orange juice to represent the stomach acid (and a little help from Miss Kelsey’s old tights) we recreated the stomach, the intestines and even the...lower end. A messy but brilliantly fun experiment!

Kahoots - Maths Fun!

What is forgiveness?

STEM - Which drink is best for our teeth?

Steve (Year 4's pet unicorn) needed to discover how different drinks affect teeth. We immersed old coins in various drinks and observed the changes over time. We would have liked to use real teeth, but the tooth fairy had already collected them!

Times tables - Snakes and Ladders

We used our quick times table recall skills to climb the ladder to winning at this addictive maths game! 
We analysed the faeces (poo) of four different people from different periods in history to discover what their diet consisted of. We managed to identify whose poos were whose!

I-Movie making

Maths - quick recall of times tables

STEM - looking at our teeth

World Book Day Class 10

World Book Day

Atlas Work

Body Maths- Exploring acute and obtuse angles

Class 10 had fun demonstrating their knowledge of acute and obtuse angles, using their bodies. Ahhh, what a cute picture!

Maths - Exploring properties of triangles

Year 4 used their engineering skills to construct accurate models of scalene, equilateral and isosceles triangles. They all tri-ed hard! 

An Indian Experience...

On Monday 9th October, Year 4 had the opportunity to experience a day of drumming, dancing and Indian Culture. We learnt some Bhangra dance moves, had an amazing time competing in the Mesty Croft 'drum-factor' and even got the chance to create some traditional Rangoli patterns. A fantastic day was had by everybody (including the teachers!)


Creating Rotocopters

Class 9 got in a spin this week when designing, building and improving their own rotocoptors. The STEM challenge involved changing a variable such as the size of the 'copter or the construction material, in order to improve its flight! Well done to everybody!


Our Time To Enjoy Reading (OTTER) is chance for year four to relax and enjoy reading a great book. Class 10 had a wonderful time exploring the books contained within Upper KS2's new library area. Middle school library is coming soon!

STEM Launch

Look how well we worked together to build our own giant Lego City to launch our brand new and exciting STEM curriculum! 





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