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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


During this year we will look at a range of brilliant texts and explore a world of new vocabulary. You will be inspired to become the best writers you can be by focusing on your grammar, punctuation and spellings! You will also be given the opportunity to progress further in your Maths, using your journal to showcase your deep understanding!


Over the year, we will update this website with examples of your impressive work and celebrate your achievements and successes. 


Each half term we will have a new focus in Science, Art, Music, Geography, History, RE, PHSE, D&T and French. You'll be broadening your knowledge base and be taking part in lots of exciting lessons - we can't wait to travel back to the 1980s in History, or shimmer away in Music!


Our aim is for you to enjoy our new curriculum, whist also preparing you for your final years at Mesty Croft. 


Miss Jones, Miss Dukes and the Year 5 Team


Information you need to know

  • P.E- Class 11: Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor.)
  • P.E - Class 12: Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor.)

Driving Home For Christmas: Chris Rea

Class 11 Song: Practise our Mesty Craft song at home!

Today we had our fantastic Victorian Day. We dressed up in our Victorian attire and two historians visited us with a tonne of exciting activities in which to partake. Half of the year group learned about the dreaded word.... "work" for children during the Victorian era. We had an exciting hour experiencing the coal mines and the strenuous work of lumping coal! The air pump gave us a fright! 

Meanwhile, the other class were experiencing a true Victorian lesson! 

In the afternoon, we let go of the gruelling Victorian life and enjoyed the fun and games Victorian children (who were fortunate enough to experience them!) played. 


Well done to all of Year 5 for a fantastic day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed taking part in it with you! 

05/12/19: History


In History, we looked at The Royal Albert Hall. We discussed when it was built and for what purpose. We learnt about events that happen at this historic venue, including 'The Last Night at the Proms'. We learnt 3 songs which are always performed at this annual event.

God Save The Queen

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Rule Britannia

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Today we tested some festive foods with four of our five senses. When we tested them, we thought further about what could be added to them to make them even better! 

The foods we tasted were:


  • Stollen
  • Panettone 
  • Gingerbread 

25/11/19: P.E

25/11/19: P.E 1
In PE, the boys managed to further their efforts in balancing, teamwork and gymnastics! The girls were almost there...

25/11/19: Maths

25/11/19: Maths 1
25/11/19: Maths 2
In Maths we have been looking at how to divide numbers by a 1 digit number. We showcased this in our journals before challenging ourselves in the Intelligent Practice. 

22/11/19: Science

22/11/19: Science 1

We tested the effect of surface area on the time it took for the parachute to fall to the ground. As a class we discussed the:

- Independent Variable

- Dependent Variable 

- Control Variables

- Extraneous Variables 

21/11/19: Maths

21/11/19: Maths 1

20/11/19: History

20/11/19: History 1
20/11/19: History 2
In History, Year 5 have been learning about Queen Victoria as part of our Victorians topic. We looked at her impact on the world, and investigated the four corners of the British Empire. 

15/11/19: Maths

15/11/19: Maths 1
15/11/19: Maths 2
We started off by learning the grid method for 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication before moving onto the formal method. Year 5 investigated how it is compacted down, and discussed which methods we find easier/harder, as well as what misconceptions could occur. 

07/11/19: Geography

This half term we are focusing on trade imports and exports. To kick-start the topic, we played a game that required logical thinking, careful planning and heaps of teamwork. 

Each country had a certain amount of resources, which needed to be used to create neat, perfect shapes (in order to sell for money). If they weren't precise, they wouldn't sell! 

We had fun attempting to make trade deals and come up with a way to make as much money as possible.

04/11/19: P.E

Still image for this video
Check out our impressive teddy bear rolls at the start of our Gymnastics focus.
This half term our TASC project involved looking at packaging for soft fruit. After exploring different types of packaging, discussing what would work best, and designing, we finally made our packaging! Stay tuned for the evaluations. 

08/10/19: Music

08/10/19: Music 1
08/10/19: Music 2
08/10/19: Music 3
Our Music focus on Hans Zimmer reached its peak practice this week. We decided in our groups which area of the Earth (e.g. gravel, sea, humans etc) that we wanted to focus on and looked at representing it using our instruments. 
In Science we investigated the phases of the moon. We looked at why the moon can look different in the night sky at different times of the month. To show our understanding, we created a stop-motion video of the phases of the moon. 

02/10/19: English

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In English we are reading Michael Morpurgo's 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. We have read up to the point where Michael has gone missing! We discussed the idea that Michael's Mum and Dad can only assume that he has fallen overboard surprise. Our vocab word was 'may day'. 

We found that it was coined by Frederick Stanley Mockford to replace the SOS distress signal. 

Here's an example roleplay of Mum and Dad's mayday call.

30/09/19: Computing

30/09/19: Computing 1
Our Computing focus this half term is 'e-safety'. We talked about the importance of keeping our personal information safe (as well as looking at what is out personal information). Year 5 used the online game, Interland, to explore how to make secure passwords and also decipher between real and fake information. 
In PSHE today we thought about rules and responsibilities. We discovered that the games we were playing ran a lot smoother (and were a lot more fun!) when we all knew the rules. 

WB 30.09.19 : Spellings

WB 30.09.19 : Spellings 1
In class, we have been looking at ways to learn and remember two of the Curriculum's Year 5/6 spelling words each morning. We are already very impressed with the amount of effort and willingness to find new ways to remember the spellings. This week on Spellodrome, you will be able to practise the words we have already looked at using the fun games and activities on there. Let us know how you get on!

27/09/19: Science

27/09/19: Science 1
We have been exploring patterns in Science. Firstly, we looked at the order of planets and how to remember them. Next we looked in more detail at the size of the planets in comparison to each other. Lastly, we sought out a pattern between the distance of the planet from the Sun and its size. We learned that there isn't always a pattern but there may be other explanations. 

24/09/19: Music

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In our lesson, we looked at note patterns from Hans Zimmer's 'Earth'. We chose three notes from this pattern to practise playing sequences on pitched instruments.

23/09/19: PSHE

23/09/19: PSHE 1
What we need in order to learn was a very important focus in today's PSHE lesson. Not only the rights we have to learn, but our responsibilities to be able to hold onto these.

16/09/19: PSHE

Today in PSHE we discussed children's rights, deciding if they were being met or not. We spent time discussing what it means to be 'British' and our rights as a British citizen. Some of the things we like about being British are:

  • our culture and history,
  • equal rights that we have,
  • London,
  • our British authors,
  • and rather a lot of tea! 

13/09/19: Science

13/09/19: Science 1

Our Science lesson focused on the question; how do we have day and night? 


We discussed and demonstrated how the Earth spins on its axis, whilst orbiting the Sun. During our demonstrations we learned that it takes the Earth 24 hours to spin on its axis, hence explaining why we have daylight and night in one 'day'.