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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

You’re in your final year at Mesty Croft! It’s time to show that you are ready to be a role model to the rest of the school and that you are prepared for your SATs tests and the move to Secondary school. This year will be full of exciting, new learning opportunities and memorable experiences.


During this year we will look at a range of fantastic texts and explore a world of new vocabulary. We will focus on spellings and grammar and also work on inspiring you to be the best writers you can be. 


Over the year, we will update this website with examples of your fantastic work and celebrate your achievements and successes. We'll also put links to good revision pages and web pages suitable for your studies. 


Remember in May of this academic year, you will sit your end of Key Stage Two tests (SATs). Throughout the year, we will work with you and support you to ensure that you reach your full potential. You will be tested in: Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and Maths. Your writing will be assessed by your class teacher from regular ‘Big Write’ tasks. We will mark these together and guide you on how you can improve your work. 


Each half term we will have a new focus in Science, Art, Music, Geography, History, RE, PHSE, D&T and French. You'll be broadening your knowledge base and be taking part in lots of exciting lessons - we can't wait to teach you all about rap in our Music lessons and to make clay models in our Art lessons! 


Our aim is for you to leave Mesty Croft as confident and independent learners who are proud of your achievements and ready to take the next step in your life. Remember to aim high – don’t let anyone or anything hold you back!


Mr Fellows, Miss Kelsey and the Year 6 Team 

Science- how does light light travel?

We used string to model how light (traveling in straight lines) moves from a light source, reflects off an object and travels to our eyes. We know see how we see! 

PHSE- Celebrating disabilities and differences

We explored the challenges of undertaking everyday tasks whilst living with a disability. We discovered that, when we work together, we can achieve anything!

Art: Sculpting our Final Piece

Music - Composition

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We performed our composition of mood music to the class. We based it on characters from our class text 'Clockwork'. This was because of a suggestion from one of our class members.

History- The Tempest and Tudor dancing

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Still image for this video

History - Tudor Insults!

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We were looking at the cultural differences between the rich and poor during Tudor times. We looked at Tudor dance and entertainment. Some of us then performed one of Shakespeare's top 50 insults; we discussed their meaning and how they linked to his plays.

English: role play

We role played a scene from Clockwork to show our understanding of the theme 'heart'. We certainly enjoyed acting out the sinister reveal of Sir Ironsoul! 

Science: The Circulatory System

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We role played the journey of the blood through the body.

Congratulations to the following children who successfully applied to become our House Captains:


Sharks - Alex H & Stevie

Bears - Isaac & Skye 

Eagles - Roxy-Lou & Charlie 

Tigers - Dylan BS & Serrenitee 

Autumn week 2-Hotseating!

Autumn week 2-Hotseating! 1
No, this isn't a very tired and grumpy Mr Smith, it's Karl, the pessimistic and depressed clockmaker from our new English book "Clockwork" by Philip Pullman! During this week's English lessons, children had the chance to hotseat Karl and ask him questions to explore his character. "Why do you feel you are a failure?", "Why didn't you finish your masterpiece?" and "What did you mean when you said you would rather end up at the bottom of the river under the ice than attend the launch ceremony of your clock piece?" were just a few of the brilliant questions that Year 6 created!