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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

You’re in your final year at Mesty Croft! It’s time to show that you are ready to be a role model to the rest of the school and that you are prepared for your SATs tests and the move to Secondary school. This year will be full of exciting, new learning opportunities and memorable experiences.


Our six fantastic topics this year are:

Autumn 1 - Have a Heart

Autumn 2 - The Great War

Spring 1 - Voices from the Past

Spring 2 - In Shakespeare's Shoes

Summer 1 - TBC

Summer 2 - Skellig 


Remember in May of this academic year, you will sit your end of Key Stage Two tests (SATs). Throughout the year, we will work with you and support you to ensure that you reach your full potential. You will be tested in: Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and Maths. Your writing will be assessed by your class teacher from regular ‘Big Write’ tasks.

Our aim is for you to leave Mesty Croft as confident and independent learners who are proud of your achievements and ready to take the next step in your life. Remember to aim high – don’t let anyone or anything hold you back!

Year 6 had heaps of fun today starting to design our Macbeth Puppet Shows. After a great in-depth discussion about how we could create an atmosphere and add a depth to our set designs, we worked in pairs to create a detailed drawing of our puppet shows. On our tables we had sample materials to help us decide.


At the end of our lesson we evaluated our designs. Keeping it positive, we completed post-it note sentences for each other's designs:

"Have you thought about..."

"Maybe you could try..."

"Why not use..... so that....."


Thank you to all the children who are stopping after school to complete boosters to enhance their maths work.

The following document is split into relevant areas of the maths curriculum and include an array of SATs style questions that we will be looking at in our revision sessions. If you would like to continue the work at home, there are YouTube links for each question, so that if you get stuck, you can persevere at home! Enjoy!
Today Year 6 celebrated World Book Day along with the rest of the school! In spirit of the theme- most of the year dressed up as a character from L. Frank Baum's 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'. We took part in a range of activities, such as: comparing Baum to Shakespeare; designing a new front cover; and racing to complete a wordsearch first (based on famous book characters).

Maths: 3D shape creations: 18/01/18

We created 3D shape models using play dough. As we worked we used language such as 'vertices', 'edges', 'faces' and 'apex'. 

Some of us decided to use straws to create the frame of a 3D shape. Although we found it tricky to attach straws at an apex, we persevered and knew how many straws would be needed to create the shape's edges.

PE: The Haka : 17/01/18

Still image for this video
In PE our two fiercest teams faced off in their attempts to empower the opposition.  

The Haka - Team 2

Still image for this video

Art: Titanic Charcoal Drawings: 16/01/18

In our art lesson today, all of Year 6 created a charcoal drawing of the Titanic, in continuation with our topic. We first practised techniques of shading and smudging before using this knowledge to create an atmospheric picture.

Maths : Percentage Party!!: 07/12/17

Topic: Dogs Trust Visit: 04/12/17

As part of our WW1 topic we were lucky enough to have a visit once again from a representative from the Dog's Trust. Last year we met Bailey, this year we met Lucky. We learned about dogs' roles during WW1 so that we could write from a dog's perspective in our narrative writing this week. Our topic book, War Horse, is written from Joey's perspective so to have a creative twist on our writing we needed to understand the emotional indicators of a dog. We loved meeting Lucky and we were able to donate a hamper of food and toys at the end of the workshop. 
Our P.E. session today had a lot of balancing Year 6 pupils! We learned about counter balances and put together a routine of balances, ensuring we held them for at least 3 seconds. 

Topic: Women's Rights Protest: 27/11/17

Topic: Women's Rights Protest: 27/11/17 1
Topic: Women's Rights Protest: 27/11/17 2
Topic: Women's Rights Protest: 27/11/17 3
As part of our WW1 topic and work on Emmeline Pankhurst, Year 6 caused mayhem around school this afternoon, protesting for women's right to fight during WW1. We marched around the school, interrupting lessons (and Mr Shaw in his office!)

We chanted DEEDS NOT WORDS, as well as RIGHT TO FIGHT to make our cause clear. We had a lot of fun and children gave out posters, badges and banners to classes. A memorable experience!

P.E: Gymnastics: 27/11/17

Class 14 had a fabulous P.E lesson today, learning how to use the wall bars responsibly and practice their jumps. Some of us were scared of heights but we challenged ourselves and gave it a go - Just like the beaver!

RE: Celebrations: 24/11/17

In PSHE today Year 6 looked at celebrations that are held universally - and how and why they are celebrated! We created freeze-frames of a celebration for our companions to guess.


Can you tell which celebration each of our groups is showing?

Home Economics: Trench Cake: 23/11/17

Class 13 made their trench cake today! We found out about rations during the war. As a result, (because eggs were almost unheard of) women had to come up with a treat that didn't involve eggs. So.... the trench cake was born! After we converted imperial measurements to metric, we were able to weigh the correct amount of each ingredient. We mixed vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, ginger, nutmeg and a whole host of other ingredients to create our trench cake. We can't wait to try it!

Computing: Coding: 22/11/17

Year 6 have enjoyed their coding sessions in Computing this week! We used coding to create a programme that helped Code the Agent to move throughout the game. 
Year 6 put on their modelling gloves today and created clay poppies! We looked at the poppies that had originally been designed for The Tower of London's Blood-swept Seas Exhibition and tried to create our own examples (after practising the skills needed when using modelling clay).

Children in Need: 17/11/17

Children in Need: 17/11/17 1 Class 13 snoozing through their Friday!

Maths: Area and Perimeter: 17/11/17

We have been working hard in Maths this week, calculating the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes, where missing measurements are involved. We got stuck into our problem-solving investigation, calculating the total cost to carpet/tile an entire flat for Pudsey Bear. We also had to calculate how much it would cost to lay a new lawn and fencing. It was a challenge and very competitive, but we persevered - Just like the beaver. Well done Y6!

STEM: Exploring light: 17/11/17

In STEM this week, we explored light in different contexts. We will be using our STEM skills over the next few weeks to help narrow down the suspects in our crime case and to answer our learning question, "How did troops see over the trenches in WW1?"

Topic-Art and Design: Blood Swept Lands: 14/11/17

As we are looking at WW1, we took the opportunity close to Remembrance Day to create our own clay poppies. We took inspiration from Paul Cummins' spectacular exhibition at the Tower of London last year. The clay poppies were to mark the centenary since Britain's first full day of fighting in the war. Additionally, we now know that 888,246 poppies were individually handmade to represent each British fatality in WW1. 


We used clay, marking tools, rolling pins and water to create our own poppies. We are going to paint them once they're dry so check back here to see our final result!! 

Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17

Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  1
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  2
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  3
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  4
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  5
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  6
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  7
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  8
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  9
Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day: 13/11/17  10
To show that we are all unique and different, we wore odd socks to school! This was to mark the start of anti-bullying week at Mesty Croft.

We created some fantastic poetry showcasing the thoughts and feelings of a bully, the bullied and that of a bystander. Very thought-provoking!
Today we looked at the history of the poppy and why we wear them as a mark of respect to the fallen soldiers. This was to prepare us for the poem we are going to read this week. Once we had the background knowledge, we had a go at making our own paper poppies to wear just like the Royal British Legion. Here's what we made!

Reading: Context: What vocabulary did men use in the trenches in WW1?: 6/11/17

Reading: Context: What vocabulary did men use in the trenches in WW1?: 6/11/17 1
Reading: Context: What vocabulary did men use in the trenches in WW1?: 6/11/17 2
Reading: Context: What vocabulary did men use in the trenches in WW1?: 6/11/17 3
Reading: Context: What vocabulary did men use in the trenches in WW1?: 6/11/17 4

This week in our reading sessions, we looked at a real-life letter that a man in WW1 had sent to his Mum whilst out in the trenches, fighting for our country.

In order for us to make sense of the letter, we looked at some 'trench lingo' and decided whether they were real words used in WW1, or if Miss Jones had made them up to try and trick us!

Some of our favourite words were;


  • Barkers - This meant sausages
  • Bumf - This was slang for toilet roll
  • Wibble-Wobble - This meant tank
  • Jippo - This meant juice or gravy

PSHE: How do disabilities affect lives?: 6/11/17

During PSHE we looked at how difficult some tasks can be when you have a disability. In our groups, we had to be blindfolded, wear ear plugs, use only one arm or not use our legs whilst we completed the following tasks:

  • Making paper aeroplanes
  • Making a play-doh model
  • Building a card tower

We found it extremely difficult! Without our team mates and collaboration, we don't think we could have completed our challenge. To end our PSHE lesson this week, we looked at ways that we would help a child in our class if they had a disability and how we would ensure that they were always included in everything we do in school.

As many of Y5 and Y6 were at Red Ridge residential this week, the rest of us participated in an Enterprise Week to find the next best inventor of 2017! We participated in many tasks throughout the week including;


  • Team Work: Who can make the strongest, highest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows?
  • Design: Who can make the best packaging for a brand new chocolate bar?
  • Advertisement: Who can make the best TV advertisement and persuasive poster for a brand new hover board?
  • Sales: Who can make the most profit when we were all selling the same biscuits?
  • Invention: Who can use all of the skills to create the best invention?
  • Pitch: Who can deliver a confident pitch to Sir Alan Sugar (Mr Shaw) and will Mesty's Apprentice 2017?


We had so much fun working together and found being project manager a very stressful experience! It is hard to manage a team and ensure the best results.

We're going for 'Diamond' on our new timestable tracker!

We're going for 'Diamond' on our new timestable tracker!  1


Year 6 (and the rest of the school) are going for Diamond on Mesty's new times-table tracker. Every week we are practising a set of multiplication tables so that we may accomplish a test on a Friday. We need to show that we can answer 40 multiplication and division facts in 4 minutes.... 

Report back here to find out how we are getting on! 

The Circulatory System

Why don't you have a sing along of our circulatory rap?

Topic: Journey of a Red Blood Cell: 17/10/17

Today Class 13 went outside to role-play the journey of a red blood cell. Impressively, we now know how oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide; how the heart is one of the most important organs in our body; and how the CO2 travels through our body to the lungs (so that it may be exhaled!). We have been looking at this very important component of the blood because our writing this week focuses on an explanation text (based upon the role of a red blood cell). 

Upper School Harvest Song

Why don't you practise our Harvest song at home, in preparation for our assembly?

Harvest Festival Script - Class 14

Some of the children in Class 14 are presenting our class work about Harvest in our assembly on Monday. For those children who may misplace their lines over the weekend and would still like to practise, Miss Usher has attached the script for you. Remember: nice, clear voices!

Reading: We Comprehend: Skype call with a real-life author: 04/10/17

Reading: We Comprehend: Skype call with a real-life author: 04/10/17 1
Reading: We Comprehend: Skype call with a real-life author: 04/10/17 2
Reading: We Comprehend: Skype call with a real-life author: 04/10/17 3

Today, all of Year 6 were fortunate to receive a Skype call from Jonathon Emmett (author of 'The Clockwork Dragon'). After various technical difficulties (notably saved by Miss Jones), we could finally ask him all the burning questions we had thought of earlier in the week.

He showed us a variety of his books... we particularly liked his favourite book 'The Santa Trap'; named as such because he liked to trap Santa when he was only a child. We enjoyed talking to him and all thought he was very friendly and inspiring - we are all keen to become budding authors now! 

RE: Islam : 22/09/17

RE: Islam : 22/09/17 1 Year 6 learned from their peers.
RE: Islam : 22/09/17 2 Sara is reading 'Surahs' from the Qur'an.
Today, Year 6 came together to learn all about Islam from their peers. Lots of questions were asked and we were lucky enough to see some practices and religious objects for ourselves! 

STEM : Floating Gardens : 22/09/17

In STEM today, we were all tasked with creating a floating garden to save our crops. First we investigated the need for floating gardens in countries that have heavy downfalls and are likely to flood. In our groups, we showed excellent teamwork using recycled materials to create a 'floating garden'. In an exciting twist, we tested our designs to see if they would withstand a 'downpour'....

The whole school came together to create a wonderful Lego City

Class 13 and 14 spent a whole morning with Year 4 and 5 in the hall, creating masterpieces: from well-equipped beaches to streamlined aeroplanes. From mighty mansions to petite cottages. We all really enjoyed working together and having the opportunity to develop and show our creative assets. 

Reading: Context: Exploring Clockwork Toys: 11/09/17

Reading: Context: Exploring Clockwork Toys: 11/09/17 1
Reading: Context: Exploring Clockwork Toys: 11/09/17 2
Reading: Context: Exploring Clockwork Toys: 11/09/17 3
To prepare for our topic of 'Have A Heart', and our text 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman, Class 13 and 14 were able to observe and take apart some clockwork toys!