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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

We are looking forward to an exciting half term. We will be looking closely at the curriculum to ensure you feel confident in Maths. In English, we will study the text Clockwork whilst also looking at working on our spellings and handwriting. 

In History, we will look at the Tudors and in DT we will look into designing and making a pizza. There are lots of other skills to be learned this half term and we will be right beside you to guide you on the way. 


Miss Kelsey, Miss McArdle, Mr Shaw, Mrs Whitehurst and Mrs Leadbeater 

Congratulations to the following children who have been selected by the school to be House Captains: 


Bears = Ryan and Samya

Sharks = Tyler M and Brooke

Tigers = Tyler G and Paige 

Eagles = Owen and Darcie-Mai 

Class 13 - D&T

This week, class 13 began gathering information for their D&T task. The task is to research, design and make a pizza for 10-12 year old children. As a class we voted on which would be the most popular toppings and what type of crust to use!
Guidance for applying to secondary schools

One School, One Book

Tin Forest Display - Class 13

Welcome Back Year 6 Class of 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school. We know you may be very nervous about your return and may be wondering how things have changed, but please don't worry. We are here to support you all the way. We will have a fantastic year and we will make many wonderful memories. 


If you have any questions, concerns or worries, please speak to us. 

We can't wait to see you!

Miss Kelsey, Mr Shaw, Miss McArdle, Mrs Whitehurst and Mrs Leadbeater 

Home Learning Friday 18th September 2020

Home Learning Friday 11th September

Home Learning Friday 4th September



Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 13.7.20.

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Don't forget to email examples of your super work and activities!

Monday 13th July 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Thursday 16th July 2020

Friday 17th July 2020

Well done for all your hard work!

You have been a wonderful year group and we will miss you.

Have a lovely Summer.

All the best for Septembersmiley



Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 6.7.20.

Scroll down to find the home learning for each day of the week.

Clickable links and tasks can be found below each day's slide.

Don't forget to email examples of your super work and activities!

Super work from wb 6.7.20

Monday 6th July 2020

Transition task - All About Me

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Transition task - English

Wednesday 8th July 2020

English - If

Transition task - Science

Thursday 9th July 2020

Transition task - Maths

Friday 10th July 2020

Have a lovely weekendsmiley




Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 29.6.20.

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Super work from wb 29.6.20

Monday 29th June 2020


Tuesday 30th June 2020



Wednesday 1st July 2020


Thursday 2nd July 2020

              Please send in your photo of your younger self if you haven't already!                  

Friday 3rd July 2020

Have a lovely weekendsmiley




Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 22.6.20.

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Super work from wb 22.6.20

Monday 22nd June 2020


Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Wednesday 24th June 2020



Thursday 25th June 2020



Friday 26th June 2020


Have a lovely weekendsmiley




Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 15.6.20.

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Monday 15th June 2020

'Skellig' chapters 7-9

Tuesday 16th June 2020

'Skellig' chapters 10-12

Wednesday 17th June 2020

'Skellig' chapter 13

Thursday 18th June 2020

Friday 19th June 2020

Have a lovely weekendsmiley



Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 8.6.20.

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Monday 8th June 2020

'Skellig' book covers

Tuesday 9th June 2020

'Expected' Writing Objectives

Wednesday 10th June 2020

'Skellig' Chapters 1-2


Thursday 11th June 2020

'Skellig' Chapters 3-6


Friday 12th June 2020

Have a lovely weekend smiley








Welcome to a new half-term!

Please find below all tasks for the week beginning 1.6.20.

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Don't forget to email examples of your super work and activities!

Super work from wb 1.6.20

Monday 1st June 2020

The Forest

Still image for this video

Maths task

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Maths task

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

English expectations

Maths task

Art information

Thursday 4th June 2020

Science task

Maths task

Friday 5th June 2020

Have a lovely weekend! smiley





Monday 11th May 2020 is a very different Monday to the one we were expecting. You may have been feeling a little nervous or had butterflies in your stomach. You would have been coming into school for toast and juice but instead you're at home safe with your loved ones. For some of you, you feel happiness and relief, whereas some of you may feel a little frustrated and still in disbelief. These SATs were going to be a chance to show how hard you have worked all year and how hard you've worked during your time at Mesty Croft. 

Nevertheless, we don't need test results to define you. We know how great you are and the SATs don't measure all your fantastic qualities. They can't tell us who is fabulous at art or sport, who excels in history or geography, who is a great friend and peer. They can't tell us this but we know this. We know how you will go onto your new school in September and make us proud so just keep being you!

You have all come on so far. You are wonderful human beings who all have bright futures ahead of you. We may not be together but we promise you that all the staff at Mesty Croft are so proud of you and always will be. Please never forget that. 


Have a wonderful SATs free day and stay safe smiley

Year 6 work 22.5.20

Super work from 21.05.20 - more to follow

Year 6 work 21.5.20

Earthquake proof buildings

Maths questions 21.5.20

Great work from 20.5.20: More to come!

Year 6 work 20.5.20

Clickable link for English

Watch this music video (David Guetta Featuring Sia Titanium):

Success checklist for English

Art task 20.5.20

Maths tasks 20.5.20

Year 6 work 19.5.20

Comprehension text

D.T images

Clickable links for 19.5.20


Read the extract and answer the questions. Remember to PEEL your answers.

(Go to )



Last week, we had a request to include something by Billie Eilish. As music this half term is about creating your own ‘Garage Band’, we were wondering if you could firstly identify the instruments used in a band. Therefore, we want you to listen to this piece and tell us what instruments you can hear:

Why has she selected these instruments? Are all her

 songs like this?

What does this tell you about the artist?

Emily's Obstacle Course - completed by Lincoln

Still image for this video

Harry's Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

Great work from 18.5.20: More to come!

Year 6 work: 18.5.20

Images for maths 18.5.20

English work 18.5.20

English: NoisneherpmoC (Comprehension, but backwards!)

Following the brilliant work we received last week, we have decided to try another backwards comprehension. The characters are the same as last week, but this time, they are playing a new game! We have given you the questions and the answers. You need to read these very carefully and try to write the story that goes with them.

1.What were the names of the main characters?

Dave, Emma and Steve

2.How old do you think the children are?

             5      or    6 years old 

Probably nursery or reception

2b. How do you know?

I know this because at the very end of the story it says “The Chief Astronaut shouted “Line up children, and hold hands while we go back to class” and only very little children hold hands when they are lining up. I think the Chief Astronaut is Mrs Smith, the teacher.

3.What did Dave have on his head?

An imaginary helmet.

4a.What was Dave pretending to be?

An Astronaut

4b.How do you know?

Because in the text it says Emma shouted “5,4,3,2,1 Blast off.”

5a.What was Dave’s spaceship?

The seesaw

5b.How do you know?

I know it was a seesaw because in the text it explains that “The seesaw began to rock. In his mind, Dave felt the rocket ship shuddering and heard the rumble of the engines as they unleashed their mighty power.”

6.Where did Dave land?

On planet Zorac

7.What did he see there that was strange?

The scary Ste-vo-beast

 8.In the text, the writer uses the phrase “The stev-o-beast was a loathsome creature.” What does loathsome mean?

Loathsome means horrible or disgusting

9. What was Emma pretending to be?

The mission controller back on Earth because Dave heard Emma’s voice coming out of his imaginary radio saying “Come in, Astro Dave-Over!”

10. What was the signal which told Dave it was time to end his mission?

 A bell was ringing far off in the distance.

Remember: use these questions and answers to create the story that goes with the text.



Year 6 work 15.5.20

Clickable links for 15.5.20

Identifying what you encounter on your safari

Can you identify any of the bird song that you heard or saw? You can listen to lots of common bird songs on this website:


If you see any insects, you can use this site to identify them


Flowers are trickier to identify but there are lots common ones listed on this website:

Great work from 14.5.20

Year 6 work 14.5.20

Earthquake text

Maddie's masterful melon maths explanation!

Still image for this video

Great work from 13.5.20

Year 6 work 13.5.20

Clickable links for 13.5.20 work

English: The Campfire

Experience the sounds of a forest and a campfire by following the links below.



For the main task, click here:    (section 4 –conditionals)

To learn more about conditionals, listen to this amazing song!

Year 6 amazing work 12.5.20- more to come!

Year 6 work 12.5.20

Images for 12.5.20

Fantastic work from 11.5.20 Much more to come!

Year 6 Work 11.5.20

Images for art task 11.5.20

Clickable links for tasks 11.5.20


PE – Cosmic Kids Yoga

Join Jamie on YouTube for a chance to learn yoga and mindfulness within an adventure story or guided relaxation

Happy V.E day!

Year 6 work- 7.5.20

We'll meet again-lyrics

We'll meet again backing track

Georgia's Funky Music

Still image for this video

Super work from 06.05.20

Year 6 work 6.5.20

Links for today's work- 6.5.20



Music: digital sounds!

Fantastic work from 5.5.20- more to come!

Year 6 work 5.5.20

Images from 5.5.20

Text of tasks for 5.5.20



Watch the video on the webpage about earthquakes:


Then read the article and complete the quiz (let us know the results!)

Using the information you’ve gathered, create a fact page about earthquakes for Y3-Y4 children. Think about the layout and language used and how you can interact with a younger audience. If you’d prefer to do a PowerPoint or Keynote, that’s fine too. Just remember to consider your audience. 


Science:  Shadows.


We would like you to plan an experiment about how you could measure how the length of a shadow changes as you move a torch closer to the object making the shadow.. Think back to the work we have done on light and shadows and conducting investigations. Can you use the proforma (or set out your own) to plan an experiment to show what happens to the length of a shadow the further the light source is to the object. Going Further: Could you carry out the experiment and collect results? A light on a phone could act as a torch and a lego man, a doll or anything could be your object. A Ruler or a tape measure will help measure the distance between the torch and the object. Send us a photo of your set-up and the results!


P.E The workouts have even broken Joe Wicks- his wife is now doing them for him! Can you survive the full 30 mins?

Great work from 4.5.20- Space day! May the Fourth be with you!

Year 6 daily work 3.5.20

A song to listen to that will get you in the mood for today's space themed work! It's awesome!

Text of task for 3.5.20 With clickable links

The Year is 2040.

After years of intensive astronaut training, your moment has come.

You have been chosen as one of the crew members for the first ever mission to the Red Planet: Mars. It is going to take over 2 years for you to reach the surface of Mars, complete your mission and return.


You are strapped in the rocket and the countdown at mission control has begun.

10, 9, 8…

 You aren’t going to see your family for years and where you are going is incredibly dangerous- you could be killed.

But you are visiting somewhere nobody has ever been before!


Task 1:

Describe the thoughts running through your mind during the countdown (you could do it like a diary entry. Then describe the launch- The roar of the motors and the rumbling of the engines. The fear, the excitement!

Want to watch some rocket launches- click here:

Task 2:

Packing for your trip.

You have to choose 6 items to take with you on your trip to Mars. Food, water and Oxygen is supplied by the ship but nothing else. What 6 items would you take and why?


Science: You have reached Mars; it’s time to report what you’ve discovered 

Create a fact-file about Mars, you could include:

Conditions on the ground- is it rocky or soft?
Interesting facts about Mars
Whether water has been discovered.
What the atmosphere is made of.

Going further: try to write your work in the style of a Scientific report.

Has your mission to Mars made any new discoveries?


Computing: Coding crazy!

As part of your mission, you are responsible for programing and controlling a variety of rovers and robots! So, you need to know how to code! This week, we are looking at iteration, also known as loops!

A loop is a repeating section of a programme. Sometimes, we want the programme to do the same thing a number of times (think about Christmas lights that flash in a pattern.) rather than writing the same set of instructions over and over and over again, programmers use “loops”

Would you like to know more about loops?

Your tasks

Follow the link below and complete the lessons in the section 3 activity! (loops in coding.)

Can you send us a screenshot of it? Or, hit share in the top left-hand corner and copy the link- then email it to us!    (section 3 – loops!)



Olivia's Free Choice Friday Masterpiece

Still image for this video
Using the video from earlier in the week as inspiration, Olivia has learned to play the music from 'The Piano' on her piano. Well done Olivia!

Year 6 daily work 1.5.20

Year 6 Daily Work 30.4.20

Maths images for 30.4.20

Text for daily tasks 30.4.20- with "clickable" links

Maths – Equivalent Fractions

Watch this ‘cheesy’ but good fun video on equivalent fractions then have a go at the questions above. 

Going further: Journal everything that you can about equivalent fractions. How they link together and link to decimals or percentages. Try to include images in your journaling!


Art – Collage

Using any old magazines or newspapers, bits of coloured paper or even cut-up empty cardboard packaging from the kitchen, can you create a collage of a person or animal living in your house? Remember to draw the outline first. Think about our work on unity and harmony and how you can select different colours to emphasise certain points.



Complete a Joe Wicks workout or a Just Dance.

If you can get a sibling or a “fairly fit” parent to help, Final countdown is my favourite but be careful rolling on the floor!

Year 6 Daily Work 29.4.20

D.T Powerpoint on simple machines

The Arrival picture

Text of tasks for 29.4.20 -with "clickable" links:

English- The Arrival

Look at this image from our Reading Spine book ‘The Arrival’. Imagine you are the man in the story and you’re walking into this city.

Using the techniques we worked on for the Nowhere Emporium, can you describe this scene. Think about zooming in and out of the picture, think about your senses and remember to show not tell.


D.T Levers and Pulleys

 D&T – Pulleys, Levers and Ramps

Remind yourselves of how levers work by watching the video and looking at the PowerPoint slides on the slideshow below. Can you find any examples around your house or create your own pulley, lever and ramp? Take photos and send them in!


Music and Art– Classical Music

Listen to and watch the video of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. What are your thoughts and feelings whilst watching and listening to the video. Do you prefer this classical piece of music to the others we listened to (Allegro and Night on Bare Mountain)?

Your task:

What does this piece of music make you imagine? What type of location or what type of emotion?

Can you draw, journal or create a piece of art inspired by this music?

Year 6 daily work 28.4.20

T-shirt instructions (larger)

English – The Piano

Watch the video of ‘The Piano’.

Thinking back to our work on letter writing in WW1, can you write a letter from the man to a loved one about the events that have happened in his life? Think about the format, the language you use and the use of repetition. Can you create a sense of foreboding too (making the audience sense that something bad is about to happen). Remember we can use any independent writing to help with assessment so make sure your spellings, vocabulary choices and punctuation are up to Y6 standard.



Thinking back to our work on climate change, can you create a reusable bag using recycled materials. This bag will help to stop single plastic use. The instructions above give you an idea, but you may have other materials that you wish to use to create your bag- be creative!

Watch this video if you want to know more about plastic pollution:



This week, we are exploring sequencing (ensuring that the steps in our algorithm occur in the correct order.)

What is sequencing?

Algorithms consist of instructions that are carried out (performed) one after another. Each step is an instruction to be performed. Sequencing is the order in which the steps are carried out. Find out more at this website:


Your task:

Follow the link below and complete the lessons in section 2-sequencing

Can you send us a screenshot of it? Or, hit share in the top left-hand corner and copy the link- then email it to us!    (section 2 sequencing…)



Year 6 Fantastic Work 27.4.20- More to come!

Olivia's Get Fit Workout

Still image for this video

Dylan's warm up video

Still image for this video

Imogen's awesome football workout! Goooooaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still image for this video

Year 6 daily work 27/4/20

Maths tasks 27.4.20

Text of challenges for 27.4.20


21st century Nursery Rhymes

Inspired by Amelia Fellows!

I was attempting to sing my baby daughter to sleep the other day (badly!)  As I was singing a lullaby, I found myself updating the words for the 21st Century.


Here is what I came up with:


Hush little baby, don’t you cry;

Daddy’s gonna buy you a Raspberry Pi.

He’s gonna teach you how to code;

So you can fix computers when you’re old.

Then daddy’s gonna teach you how to type,

And how to call Nanny using Skype.

He’ll let you play with the doorbell-RING ™

And show you why Google’s better than BING!


Yes, I’m a geek! J

Over to you! Can you update a Nursery rhyme to the 21st century?

Maybe “Mary had an iPhone X”

Or “Incy wincy spider climbed up the 5G Mast”


See what you can come up with J

If you need inspiration, there are lots of Nursery Rhymes here


Maths- complete the challenges above

Remember BIDMAS tells you what order to do operations in a question.

It stands for Brackets Indices (squared or cubed) Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. Need a recap? Watch the video and read the pages at the link above.




Millie's Free Choice Friday: Dog training- guest starring Lottie!

Still image for this video

Year 6 Daily Work 24.4.20

Year 6 Daily Work 23.4.20


Remember when we did the Nowhere Emporium? We created a piece of descriptive narrative. We included description of what could been seen and speech and thoughts of the characters.

We now want you to do the same for Buster the Boxer! You can use yesterday’s comic strip to help you- uplevel the description and try to include conversation between characters and show what the characters are thinking. Your 6 scenes from yesterday could become 6 short paragraphs today or you can add more… What do the foxes say to each other?


Going further: try to include lots of similes – you could describe the snow, the weather and the emotions on the characters’ faces?


Greater depth: When writing conversation and the thoughts of characters, ou might want to think about giving the animals personalities to make your work really stand out. For example, the fox could be brave and his wife annoyed, the badger could be a scientist. Maybe you could even have a gangster squirrel! Buster could be a bit dim. See what you can come up with!



Design your own adapted creature!

Before Easter, we re-visited biomes? Well, today we want to go further!


A biome is a large region of Earth that has a certain climate and certain types of living things. Major biomes include tundra, forests, grasslands, and deserts.

The plants and animals of each biome have traits that help them to survive in their particular biome. Recap biomes here:

Your task:

We want you to choose one of the biomes:


Deciduous forest




We want you to design your own imaginary animal which is adapted to that biome. Make sure you label the adaptions and why you chose them.

Think about what that animal would need to survive in the habitat.

Is it a predator or prey animal? Think about how this would make it different?

What camouflage would it need to blend into its biome?

Does it need to stay warm/cool in its environment? What adaptions does it have for this?

How does it move around in its biome?

What does the animal consume (eat?) What adaptions does it have to find food in the biome?

There is a great video on animal adaptions here:

Amazing Reading Journaling - Please keep it coming in and we'll add the best pieces here!

Fantastic work from 22.4.20! More to come...

Year 6 daily work 22.4.20

22.4.20 Maths

Buster the Boxer - ideas for 6 scenes

Buster example (with the first "scene" filled in) You should draw your work though - you are all better at art than me!

Comic template (you can draw yours!)

Text of challenges for 22.4.20


Can you create a comic strip of this advertisement? There is an example of how to set up your paper below. I recommend splitting the advert up in 6 key scenes. For each scene, you will need to do a little bit of description (in the lower section) and draw the characters. You should also include some speech bubbles showing what characters may be saying and thought bubbles for what they are thinking. You can split the advert however you choose, but if you are struggling, I’ve already split it into 6 suggested scenes (see the pictures above). I have also created an example of the first scene of the work and a blank comic strip (although it will be dead easy for you to draw your own). Make sure you do this work really carefully as, tomorrow, you’ll be developing this work into descriptive narrative!

Iestyn was very crafty...He built his fallout shelter on Mine Craft! :)

Still image for this video

Great work from 21.04.20. More to come!

Millie's amazing Easter Lockdown video

Still image for this video

Year 6 daily work 21/04/20

Text and images of tasks for 21/04/20


Part 1: Answer the four questions above.

Part two: Journal as much as you can about percentages.

You could write your own question, show how to find 5%, 20% of a number , link them to fractions or draw some diagrams.

Going further: are there any products in your kitchen with a percentage extra free? Can you work out how much extra you got?



The Cold War- during the Cold War, many people constructed “fall out” shelters to protect themselves in the event of a Nuclear war. People would have had to stay in their shelters for up to two years (and there was no internet or YouTube to entertain people!) It would be much worse than our social distancing now!

For your task today, we’d like you to design your own fallout shelter- think about what you might need to survive in there for 2 years and draw us a labelled plan. There are some pictures and links below to help you!

Going further-optional: If you have the resources, you may want to build a model of your shelter – a shoe box is brilliant for this, or you could build it out of Lego. Putting Lego or Playmobile people and beds in it may add to the realism!

Computing: Coding crazy!

Just because we’re not at school, doesn’t mean we can’t still do computing. We are going to be completing some special coding challenges for you. This week, we are having a general recap before moving on to looking at conditionals and variables over the next few weeks.

This week, we are going to have a dance party!

Follow the link below and complete the “warm up” activity Can you send us a screenshot of it? Or, hit share in the top left-hand corner and copy the link- then email it to us!

Serrenitee really went the extra mile; she has created an entire book on Koalas! Read it here...

Amazing work from 20.04.20 - more to follow

Monday 20th April- Year 6 Work

Monday 20/4/20 Maths Questions

Text of the daily task for Monday 20th April


Part 1- answer the four questions above


Part two: Journal as much as you can about “fractions.” Can you add, subtract, multiply or divide them? Can you draw pictures? Can you explain the link between fractions and decimals (and even percentages?) Can you create some questions of your own?



Edinburgh zoo Live!

Edinburgh zoo are live streaming their pandas, tigers, koalas and penguins. We’d like you to choose an animal to observe!

Task 1

We’d like you to write a short description of what the animal is doing- where it is and describe how it looks. Try to use a 2 adjective sentence, an expanded noun phrase and a simile!


Task 2:

 we’d like you to produce a fact-file or poster about that species of animal.

Try to include:

Where it lives (Countries/climate/terrain type –desert/rainforest ect.)

Do they live alone or in social groups?

How many are in the wild? Are they endangered?

Are there any threats to the animals in the wild? Are they endangered?

Life expectancy


Other interesting facts about the creature.

If your animal is endangered, you could include how people can help them in the poster.

Easter Challenges - PDF version

Easter Challenge - How many tasks can you complete?

The Killing Scene - A film by Max

Still image for this video

Miss Kelsey's Vlog!

Still image for this video
Thanks to all the computing sessions I was able to use IMovie - thanks Mr Fellows :)
Send us your Vlogs in too!

Mr F's day - This is my Free Choice Friday Task

Still image for this video

Year 6 Free Choice Friday work - more to come!

Abbie's free choice Friday film

Still image for this video

Maddie's amazing mission to share good vibes

We have creative parents too!

Georgia's mum made this using one of Georgia's old cardigans. She used a pattern to help her:

3.4.20 Year 6 work

Calling all Harry Potter fans...

Harry Potter at home! J.K Rowling has just launched a brand new site full of Hogwarts-based games, quizzes and exclusive short stories.

Check it out here:

Year 6 daily work 2/4/20


Do you remember in Autumn 1, when we studied Biomes? Well, we want to revisit it!


A biome is a large region of Earth that has a certain climate and certain types of living things. Major biomes include tundra, forests, grasslands, and deserts.


The plants and animals of each biome have traits that help them to survive in their particular biome. Plants and animals that live within smaller areas of a biome also depend on each other for survival. These smaller areas are called ecosystems. Each biome has many ecosystems.

Recap biomes here:

Your task:

We want you to choose one of the biomes and research it:

Deciduous forest

Imagine you have visited the biome- write a postcard home:


The climate
The landscape
The animals you can see
How you feel visiting there
As many other interesting facts as you can.

Try to use some brilliant descriptive language

Also, draw a picture of the biome to decorate the postcard. See below for a template of a blank postcard you can copy or print.

Some fab work from 1.4.20 - more to come!

Year 6 work 1.1.20

Images and text from 1.1.20 work

Task: The Pals’ Battalions

Subject: History

The Pals’ battalions-linked to WWI topic:

Question: Were the Pals’ Battalions a good idea? Try to think of persuasive reasons for both sides of the argument.

Would you like to know more about the Pals’ Battalions? Click here:

Going further: Can you create a recruiting poster to attract groups of friends to join up together?



Task: Area and Perimeter


Subject: Maths task 1

Find the perimeter of the compound shapes below: beware, there may be missing sides.

Going further: Can you find the area of these shapes?

Need a recap on perimeter?

Need a recap on area of compound shapes:


Maths task 2:

Millie and Lenesha created these questions-well done, they’re awesome! Can you answer them?

Lenesha's question is on the image above

Millie’s question: I wake up at 10:00am and we have to be out be 11:00am. We have 2 jobs to do: get ready and do make up. Each job takes 20 minutes each. Do have enough time to do both jobs and get out of the house?


Shae's Short Story - it's amazing!

Year 6 - Ten story starts challenge! We have been blown away by the quality of the work- more to follow!

Alex demonstrating his pop-up toy! We're very impressed

Still image for this video

D.T: Pop up cards

Year 6 work 31/3/20

Text of Year 6 learning tasks- 31.3.20. You can click on the links below:


English: 10 story starts- day 2:

Read your short story from yesterday to your family; what was good about it and what could be improved? Does it have any exciting speech? Could you up-level the vocabulary?

Does it have a cliff hanger ending?

Could you include a flashback to the past?

If you sent us yesterday’s draft, be sure to check out your feedback

You could use the online thesaurus here.

There are some useful tips on editing your work here:

 If you can, type up or take a photo of  your final version and email it to us: we’ll share the best on the web for all to see. Remember, Mrs Bray will read them, so best work and best handwriting!



Linking to this half-term’s D.T work, can you make a simple pop-up greetings card for somebody in your family? Want some inspiration? Click here:

Want to challenge yourself? There are some more sophisticated card designs here.

We are cutting up a cereal box to get the cardboard to make a pop up card- but they work just as well with paper. All you need are scissors, paper or card and glue/tape/blue-tac. You could make a get well soon card, a birthday  card, a stay-safe card an Easter card or anything else you choose. Just make it brilliant quality!



Open the windows, put the volume up on your device, get your grown-ups and siblings (if they are able to) and have a go at this Just Dance video:


Year 6 amazing journal work 30.3.20

Year 6 daily work 30.3.20

Subject: English

Choose one of these sentences to be the opener for a short story; try to leave it on a cliff hanger. You will be finishing, editing and up-levelling your short story tomorrow!

Choose one of these openers to begin the short story.

·  I didn’t mean to kill her. 

·  The air turned black all around me.

·  Icy fingers gripped my arm in the darkness.

·  Wandering through the graveyard it felt like something was watching me. 

·  The eyes in the painting follow him down the corridor. 

·  A shrill cry echoed in the mist

·  Icy wind slashed at his face and the rain danced its evil dance upon his head as he tried to get his bearings on the isolated beach. 

·  Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly. 

·  Death lurked in every door way with hell at one dark window. Inspired by A. Noyes 'The Highwayman'

·  My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was him...


Task: Dodgy Dave Challenge

Subject: Maths


Try the first challenge on this video:

This challenge is on the 24 hour clock.


Need to recap the 24 hour clock? Click here


Going further: How many of the other challenges can you do? We’ve already explored the pig pen and dodgy Dave, Can you do the others?

Be Creative: can you create a Dodgy Dave question of your own, email them to us and we’ll add them to the website for the rest of Year 6 to do.

Corey's Free Choice Friday - Demons by Imagine Dragons played brilliantly on the keyboard

Join the Rainbow Trail with Ava-leigh!

Year 6's incredible Free Choice Friday work - we've been blown away by your creativity and independence!

Lenesha and her family thanking the NHS! A huge whoosh to everybody involved in the fight against Corona!

Iestyn's incredible rap!

Still image for this video

Friday 27th March - Year 6 daily work!

Text of Friday 27th March challenges - use the clickable links below (We hope you enjoy it!)


Subject: P.H.S.E

Join the rainbow trail with Ava-Leigh!

All over the country, thousands of children have drawn, coloured, painted or collaged rainbows and wrote positive messages like stay safe and thank you to the NHS on them. Children are then sticking them in their windows to spread the positive vibes. After being inspired by Ava-Leigh’s rainbow, we’d like Year 6 to join in! Make sure you send a picture of your rainbow to us and we’ll put them together into a Year 6 rainbow trail! Want inspiration? Click here:


Subject: Your choice!  It's Free Choice Friday!


Create a piece of work that you are proud of!

Today’s learning task is a little bit different – we want YOU to take control of your learning.

We would like you produce a piece of work about something that you are interested in or passionate about.

Here are a few ideas of possibilities, but we want you to be creative and independent learners and show us what you can do!


Research and create a biography about your favourite football player (or favourite famous person.
Find out more about your favourite topic/subject that we’ve done at school this year- create a fact file.
Research the history of a club that you belong to or support. This could be Girl Guides, your Karate club or even The Wolves
Write a poem or a diary about being at home and away from school – show us how have felt this week.
Create a newspaper report showing how Covid-19 is affecting children.
Draw what you can see from your window.
Make something.
Cook or prepare something
Sew up a hole in a sock
Practice and learn a new skill- send us a video or a photo of what you did.
 Build a den

We want YOU to take control and write/draw/research or make something extraordinary that you are proud of!

All always, we’ll be showcasing what we receive in the Year 6 area of the website.


Thursday 26th March - amazing work!

Harry's amazing rap video - it deserves a section by itself!

Still image for this video

Thursday 26th March- Year 6 Daily Work

Text versions of today's tasks - all the links are "clickable" below


Start by answering questions 1, 2 and 3 (above.)

4. Follow the link to watch “Math of the day” –Match of the day maths. Try to answer the questions the team ask.

Going further: Can you answer each question within 30 seconds?


Pitch percentages:


Finding it tricky: re-cap percentages here:


Music and English:

Create a rap about handwashing (linking to our music project last half term.) Don’t worry too much about a beat, although if you wish to use the beat box that we used in class, the link is here Unfortunately, it’s only available free on laptops L However,  it is the text of the rap that we are most interested in. These is also a classic “old skoolrap beat here:

Going further- can you make it rhyme?

Wednesday's amazing work - well done everybody!

Wednesday 25th March - Year 6 daily work

Text of Wednesday's tasks- you can follow the links by clicking below:



Imagine you are standing here on the edge of the volcano:

Write a sensory description (a descriptive paragraph or two about it.)

Try to include:

Similes and metaphor

Expanded noun phrases

Sensory words- see, hear touch smell, taste

Subordinate clause sentences (Opening with a subordinating conjunction- ISAWAWABAB)


 Going further:

Can you have a theme running throughout your description? (Like we did with Nowhere Emporium (e.g demons or Hell fire…)


Really push yourself – half a page to a page please!

If you’re really stuck, there are some short descriptions here



You don’t need to send evidence for this!

Open the windows, put the volume up on your device, get your grown-ups and siblings (if they are able to) and have a go at this Just Dance video:

Or try a Joe Wicks video


Do a physical job for your grown-ups- e.g. hoovering, washing up, hanging out washing etc. We will be checking on what you did to be helpful :)


David Walliams live:

Not a compulsory task but very cool: David Walliams is reading a story live, everyday at 11am. Why not listen in to the story and journal it? Click on the “Elevenses” section.

Here is some of the amazing work we've had in on Tuesday!

Tuesday 23rd March -Year 6 Daily work day 2

Text of the home learning tasks- you can follow the links below


Question 1. Follow the link to watch “Math of the day” –Match of the day maths. Try to answer the questions the team ask.

Going further: Can you answer each question within 30 seconds?

Football fractions:

Finding it tricky, or want to know more: re-cap fractions or try some extensions here:

Questions 2,3 and 4 are the pictures above this text.



Can you create a tourist advertising poster about visiting Indonesia? What would people see if they visited there?

Try to include:


What are the largest islands in Indonesia?

Physical features: (some of the mountains, rivers or volcanoes that are in Indonesia?)

What cities are in Indonesia?

What kind of wildlife can be found in Indonesia?


Remember, you are trying to persuade people to visit, so try to use appealing language?


These websites may help:


Going further: On another poster, can you also include some of the threats or challenges that Indonesia faces?


Monday 23rd March- Year 6 work 

Here are some examples of some of the brilliant work we've received so far today; keep it coming in everybody!

Text of the learning tasks (You can follow any links referenced by clicking below.)

English: Using your speech punctuation skills, write a conversation between these two cats. You may want to think about what has happened before and afterward and what they are doing: try to be as interesting and creative as you can. Don’t forget to use speech punctuation and new speaker, new line.

Need to re-cap using inverted commas (speech marks) Click here:


Art: Create a Cubist portrait of yourself, one of your family members or even a pet!

Additional Home Learning Packs f